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I’m not sure what it is about my parents.  They are always making up songs, or singing to us, or asking us to sing along…

Minnie was sitting on Dad and he started to make her dance, and began singing:

If you’re happy and you know it, meow meow meow
If you’re happy and you know it, meow meow meow.

If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to meow it,
If you’re happy and you know it, meow meow meow.

It goes without saying that Minnie was not impressed.  And that I’m happy I, for once, wasn’t involved.

Explored whatever this is today.

Took apart the water fountain on Saturday.  Including the filter.

Took apart the water fountain on Saturday.  Including the filter.


Just some selfies while the ‘rents are at work.


While Mom was at work today, I tried to send her a fax from our machine at home.  When Dad woke up he thought Minnie and I were being “suspicious” and then the fax machine started to beep.  Then he canceled sending my fax!  I was later informed that our fax machine doesn’t actually have fax capabilities, because we don’t have a fax line…

Scary Times..

Mom randomly started to do some sort of victory/happy dance for no apparent reason.  Concerned, I came out from underneath the futon (my current go-to place—-there’s something so magical about it when it’s folded out) to see if she was alright.  And then to my HORROR, she picked me up and incorporated me into the victory dance and starting chanting my name over and over. I pleaded and struggled, but for 30 terrifying seconds, I was trapped within a random dance with my Mom.

Times are hard.

Ear Relief!

Mom took me to the animal doctor today.  I think she said he was called a “vet”.   I meowed on the way there, because the car ride was bumpy and I don’t like being in the kennel alone.  It’s so big in there without Minnie!

The vet’s office was very interesting.  So many things to explore.  He didn’t even mind when I almost knocked his glasses over!  And he said I was a very special cat because I am orange and I am female.  Apparently all of the other orange cats out there are boys and people usually assume that orange cats are boys.  AND usually orange cats are big and fat.  I am small and slender!  Special me!!

Mom brought me in because she thought maybe there was something wrong with me eye.  I got dust in it the other night, but it was fine yesterday morning.  She brought me to the doctor anyway.  And the doctor looked in my ears (which ALWAYS bother me) and apparently I had bugs living inside them!  But they’re all gone now!  He squirted something in there (it was an unpleasant feeling) to kill them.

My ears feel sooo much better now!

Minnie is going to the animal doctor in the afternoon now (though she doesn’t know it yet, heh heh heh) because the doctor said since I had the ear bugs, Minnie will most likely have them too.  Though Minnie’s ears have always been much cleaner than mine…

Window snoopin’


Minnie dropped a “nuclear stinker”, as Mom phrased it, and we all thought nothing of it—-until I saw that coming out of Minnie’s bum at the end of a really long hair that was still trailing out of it, was a little ball of poo!  So I start to chase it around, to try and get it off, and Minnie keeps growling at me because she doesn’t understand what’s going on and it hurts when I pull on it.  Finally Mom interjects and sees that Minnie has a ball of poo following her, and Dad eventually yanks it really fast and throws it out.

Minnie is really embarrassed, Mom and Dad think it’s hilarious, and I’m just glad that I don’t eat pieces of Mom’s long hair that are left lying around like Minnie does.

My bag.

My bag.